Michelle Merritt is a realist artist who lives and works in Houston, TX. She primarily uses graphite or charcoal to create detailed drawings, which are mostly of people, but over time have also included still life, animals, landscape, and dream-like worlds.

As a child growing up in the suburbs of Houston, Michelle drew and created craft projects in all her spare time. She began taking art classes in high school and discovered her true passion and innate talent for drawing. While these art classes provided helpful assignments, her technique and approach is self-taught. She began to enter and win numerous regional and state art competitions, including the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, which led to several art auctions and art scholarships.

She earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from the University of Texas in Austin. While living in Austin for 9 years, Michelle immersed herself in the vibrant emerging artists scene, participating in friends’ art shows and working on commissions regularly.

Now back in Houston, she has gained new perspectives and appreciation for the large city, which is reflected in her work. She now mostly focuses on portraits, capturing the subject and adding personalized backgrounds that add character and convey the individual’s story to bring the portrait to life. With exceptional attention to detail, her distinctive style is created through a rich contrast of highlights and shadows that mimic the lightness and darkness that we experience as humans on a daily basis. She continues to work on commissions and is moving into large-scale drawings for her personal artwork.